Friday, October 31, 2008

Learning through Symbols

This week, my New Testament class visited the Museum of Art on Brigham Young University campus for one of our class periods. I really enjoyed the visit and loved learning from the art. I like this method of learning because it is different from what I am used to and it requires me to stretch my brain. I'm not a particularly visual person, but I do think there is great value to be gained from learning from symbols. Tomorrow, I will be taking out my endowments in the Twin Falls temple and I am very excited for the chance to learn more about the power of symbols.
In preparing to go to the temple, I read a quote by Elder Widstoe that said, "No man or woman can come out of the temple endowed as he should be, unless he has seen, beyond the symbol, the mighty realities for which the symbols stand." The Bible Dictionary further elucidates that "Ceremonies and ordinances are symbolic in their performance, and all bear record of Jesus Christ." So I decided that I wanted to start looking for Christ in the symbols around me. As we looked at the picture of Jesus's birth where He is depicted as just a small baby and the focus is rather the swarm of angels above Him, it made me think of all how of us are symbols of Jesus. Every person I see everyday is a symbol of the Savior's love. I could look into the eyes of everyone and say, without reservation, "Jesus died for you." Could it be that one of the best portraits of Jesus would be a picture of the people that He saved? What represents Him best? This is kind of a double-edged question; we represent His love, and then, how well do we represent Him? Do people think of the Savior when they think of us? These are some of the questions I've had on my mind lately, and I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks about it. What do you think best represents Jesus?

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